Holohan Leisure are certified emergency planning specialists when it comes to event management.

With so many elements involved in planning and staging an event, it is important to engage in a planned emergency response training program prior to the event which can involve:

Event Emergency Plan Preparation: Provisions for fire outbreak, explosions or bomb threat, structural collapse, toxic chemical spillage, serious crowd disorder and panic arising from any of the above.

Table Top Planning; An exercise that is a facilitated analysis of an emergency situation. It examines and resolves potential problems associated with staging the event and helps to test the multiple functions of a companies operational plan to respond to a simulated event.

Scenario Planning: The purpose of this planning is to try to understand how the dynamics of an event can change and how the event team could best respond to a change that could happen or to make a desired situation occur.

Crowd Control:
A sound crowd control strategy can mean the difference between a successful event and mayhem. We provide training on how to effectively secure the health, safety and welfare of staff and patrons when:

  • controlling entry/exit into venues or events
  • monitoring and communicating on crowd and individual behaviour
  • dealing with potentially aggressive, abusive or violent behaviour
  • co-ordinating emergency evacuation of a venue or event.
  • traffic management plans to ensure smooth flow to and from event

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